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Who We Are

Financial Connections is a forward-thinking accounting firm started by Randal Owens - a maverick profit advisor + seasoned accountant with over 25 years of experience doing taxes for small businesses and individuals. (You can call him Randy.)

After working in banking and financial services for more than a decade - Randy started Financial Connections to help small business owners & service providers create the profitable business they’ve always wanted - easily.

He uses the Profit First system to show entrepreneurs how to control their expenses, grow their profits and manage their money - so they can go back to doing what they really love.

Randy believes that it’s important to know the rules - so you can break the right ones. He’ll show you how you can benefit from every rule in the book - while making more in profits and putting more money back into your pocket.

(Fun fact: Randy’s team handles over 1400 tax returns every single year.)

Our Credentials


What We Do For Clients

Financial Connections provides profit planning, bookkeeping and tax services for service-based businesses - making between $200K to $5M in revenue.

We are certified Profit First Professionals and our profit planning services are based on the Profit First System. (Don’t know about Profit First? Get the first 2 chapters for free here.)

How We Are Different

We’re not your father’s accountant (to say the least).

You know the good-ol’ accounting formula:  Income - Expenses = Profits.
(Your last accountant probably uses this formula.) 

The problem with that formula? It makes profits an afterthought - a happy accident. And you don’t even know how much you’re making in profits or what you owe in taxes - until IRS comes knocking on your door. 

what our clients say.jpg

When owners operate their business the old way, they’re constantly reacting to their financial situation - instead of proactively deciding on the owner’s pay and profit percentage for their business.  (Yes, you should be paying yourself first. And yes, you get to decide how much you’ll make in profits from the get-go.) 

Our way of accounting? It’s called Profit First. It turns the traditional accounting formula on it’s head - and it’s proven to bring real results with thousands of entrepreneurs globally. 

It allows you to:

  • Cut costs dramatically
  • Start seeing profits from your business
  • Pay yourself (handsomely) to make your life goals happen
  • Not pay a single dime more in taxes than you’re legally obligated to
  • Start managing your money without surprises (or anxiety)
  • Make it deceptively simple to handle your finances - so you can go back to doing what you love.


If you’re a service-based business with 1-2 owners, making between $200K - $5M a year - you’re the kind of business we get involved with. 

But we don’t accept all clients that approach us - because we work with people who are like us: honest, dedicated, open to ideas and committed to a better future. So, we’ve put together these lists to help you figure out if we’re the right people for you. 

The “Hell Yeah” List

Does this ring a bell? If it does, we’re gonna get along great!

If this sounds like you…

  • You’re smart, driven + ballsy - and you want to build a business that matters,

  • You’re done worrying about making payroll, skipping bills and going without a salary,

  • You know how to collect money - but don’t know how to manage it,

  • You hate seeing your bank balance plummet after tax season,

  • You’re open to innovation and new ideas,

  • You want honest, straight-forward accounting advice (that works!)

And you’re ready to start..

  • Making profits, getting a hefty owner’s pay and get planning for that dream vacation (or next home),

  • Start thinking out of the box and make some serious $$$ out of it!

  • Spending time on what really matters - by getting a pro team to handle your finances,

  • Working with a team of experts who know what they’re doing

  • Taking action to take your business to the next level,

  • Running a business that works for YOU (and not the other way around!)

The “Heck No” List

If you’re on this list - we can’t help you and we think you should go work with someone else.


  • Are running an inventory-based business,

  • Have 4-6 owners managing your business,

  • Want an accountant with green eyeshade and pocket protector,

  • Are not honest about declaring your income and expenses accurately,

  • Prefer to do business ostrich-style (aka ignoring problems to feel like they don’t exist)

  • Believe the business world hasn’t changed in the last 20 years since you started,

  • Think your barber’s money advice has more credibility than ours,

  • Believe there’s nothing new to learn (so you’re still working with Dad’s accountant),

  • Don’t believe that planning could help you make more money,

  • Don’t see the value in solving today’s problems along with big picture issues,

  • Are price-shopping and looking for the cheapest deal on your accountant,

  • Love your status quo a bit too much,

  • Just want your business to be a “job” without a boss - aka you’re not looking to innovate like a true entrepreneur.


We’ve walked (way more than) a mile in your shoes.

We’ve seen bills stacking up - day after day. We’ve checked our accounts multiple times a day - hoping for a miracle. We have lied about the business’ real results to our spouses. We’ve felt like a total failure for not knowing how to run a business well. 

We get it - because we’ve tried the old way of accounting and it sucks. But we also know how good it can be with Profit First. 

Now, we get paid first.
Our business pays taxes on time and without taking on debt. (It’s all planned for!)
Profit is a priority - and we’re always on target.
Expenses are predictable and controlled - as they should be. 

And best of all - there are no surprises. And we can tell our spouses how business is really doing. 

We want these results for you too. Because it’s not (just) about the money for us - it’s about the impact we can create in your life. (Sounds sappy - but it’s true.) 


Intrigued and want to learn more? Book a call with us to find out if Profit First is right for you! (If you just want help with bookkeeping and taxes - that’s fine too.)